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Guitar II Guitar II

Right now I am building dreadnoughts. It's the acoustic guitars I feel are most versatile and the ones I like best. My most recent project is a cutaway Dreadnought. The back and sides are Indian Rosewood, with a Sitka Spruce top. The neck is Mahogany, with Macasar Ebony fret board. This guitar is finished in hand rubbed French polish. This guitar is for sale at Barking Dog Guitar Traders. Visit their website at .

I am also working on 2 electric guitars. The fist one is a collaboration project with my sister-in-law, Callie, who is an accomplished artist. Check out her work at We are collaborating on a Tele style electric. She did artwork on the body and headstock of the guitar. I am presently doing the finish on the body and neck.

The second electric is my wife's guitar which was finished in a dreadful color. I stripped off the paint on that one, and prepped it for a custom paint job by Callie. I now have it back after Callie did her art work, as seen above (Very Nice!). I am just about finished with the clear coat and am assembling this one. This should be assembled in a week or two.

I am about to start the next 2 acoustic guitars. I have most of the wood I need. I'll post some pictures when I get these projects going. One will have Padauk back and sides. The other is mahogany back and sides.

Hand built dreadnought guitar; all wood construction:
solid Spruce top, Ovangkol back and sides, Mahagony neck,
Macassar Ebony fretboard and bridge, Rosewood head plate,
Sitka Spruce braces, Martin Tuners, and hand finished in French polish shellac.




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